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About Me

From my early teens I have had an interest in birds and photography. I remember going on holiday to Scotland with my parents and visiting the RSPB Osprey centre at Loch Garten. I was so amazed that these same birds came back here every year to breed, having spent the winter in Africa. It was a memory that has had a lasting affect on me and is also why Scotland is one of my favourite places to see and photograph birds.

I was studying photography at school and although I did attempt to photograph birds, the results weren't so good. In those days most of the equipment wasn't really up to the job. It would be many years later when digital cameras were introduced that I bought a Canon 10D and a Sigma 50-500mm lens. My hobby soon became an obsession and I slowly turned it into a business.   

I am now a full time wildlife photographer based in North West England. I concentrate mainly on bird photography and use Canon camera  equipment.

My images have been used on television, including the BBC programmes: Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Countryfile.

I recently appeared on the BBC North West programme Urban Jungle. In which I taught presenter Rani Price how to take photographs of urban wildlife.

I have had hundreds of photographs published in books, calendars, advertising, educational literature and magazines

(including many front covers) to name but a few.

My work is also for sale on the RSPB picture library website - where I have over 2400 images.

The New Website

I first built my website in 2003, It was quite simple then with a few images. As time went on more images were added,

apart from some tweaks now and then it had been the same old site, which by this time had nearly 15000 images.

Built with ancient, superseded software it was becoming very outdated. Not mobile or Google friendly and with my rankings

dropping from the top of the first page, I finally took the inevitable overdue plunge and created a new site.

The process of adding new images to the site will be much easier and quicker. This will give me a better opportunity to plow through the backlog of the thousands of images I have hidden away on my hard drives, images that have never been processed or seen the light of day. All new images added will be of a larger size,

I would welcome any feedback regarding the new website, so that I can continue to make improvements.

Contact me at:

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